TechLink helps client deliver medical information across the nation.

Case Study - National Medical Media Company


A national medical media company that connects patients and caregivers with relevant health and wellness information at the point of care. The client commits to educating patients and healthcare providers with the latest and most trusted healthcare information. The media assets are designed to improve patient/physician dialogue, treatment therapies, and drug adherence in an attempt to inspire lifestyle change that can lead to better health outcomes and disease management.


CLIENT: National Medical Media Company

REQUEST: Provide digital formatted medical information to nationwide locations.

SOLUTION: National Rollout digital technology to deliver critical content.

RESULTS: Client can now provide up-to-date medical information nationwide.

Project Request

TechLink’s client was tasked with providing critical medical information in a digital format to medical offices, hospitals and clinics nationwide. TechLink would manage the digital device’s national installation and cabling needs.

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The Solution

TechLink project management teams dispatched hundreds of technicians that installed flat monitors and media players in a manner that was tied into the customer’s existing network. LAN equipment was either hardwired or utilized WIFI and brought online through specific commission instructions. The equipment lacked structured cabling which was then designed and installed by TechLink technicians. The technicians also installed tablets, wallboards and routers for LAN connection.

The Results

TechLink’s client can now provide up-to-date medical information nationwide through digital formatting.

“Tech Link has been a pleasure to work with. They are detailed, organized, and work above what is asked.”

– Chief Operating Officer

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