TechLink Scales Audio Installs to Meet Demand

Case Study - Music Delivery Company


This client provides hardware and software systems for managing an extensive music catalog for retail environments. They provide tens of thousands of songs in a catalog of musical genres to create the perfect audio setting for retail stores. The music catalog and playlists can be customized through a web portal and are delivered to the store using a proprietary, networked receiver and speaker array. 


CLIENT: Music Delivery Company for Retail Stores 

REQUEST: Scale installation of music receiver hardware in retail stores. 

SOLUTION: Identify and deploy skilled audio technicians in TechLink’s network. 

RESULTS: The client can now meet the demand for hardware installations. 

Project Request

The client was inundated with installation requests and was falling behind in fulfillment. The bottleneck in the process was bringing technicians up to speed regarding the detailed installation requirements of their audio technology. A solution was needed to increase installations so they could meet demand. 

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The Solution

This client contacted TechLink to see if they could provide knowledgeable audio technicians that would require less interaction and be able to scale to their growing demand. TechLink’s project managers were able to identify professional audio technicians within their national technician network using the SIMPL portal and quickly create a coast-to-coast network of audio technicians ready for multisite deployments.

The Results

Through the hard work of TechLink’s network of professional audio technicians, project managers overseeing the installation, and the engineering staff supporting the project managers and techs, the client was able to greatly reduce their per-unit installation time and is now able to meet the demand for their products and services. In addition, the client enjoys the ability to monitor work order schedules and deliverables using TechLink’s SIMPL and MOBI portals, so they are always in the know. 

“With our previous vendor, we wouldn’t have been able to ramp up the volume of installations our customers require.”

– General Manager

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