Security Provider scales installs with TechLink

Case Study - Security Equipment Provider


Security Equipment provider serving nationally located customers ranging from small commercial SMB to multi-location small and medium enterprise customers.


CLIENT: Security Equipment Provider 

REQUEST: Scale installation of end customer’s security cameras 

SOLUTION: Build a team that manages a scalable tech network. 

RESULTS: 150% growth in customer installation services. 

Project Request

The client has established itself as a premium provider of high-quality security camera equipment with a diverse customer base across the country. The client wished to meet the growing demand for quality, skilled labor to install purchased equipment nationwide. A solution was needed to professionally install the equipment, structured cabling, and electrical work while being able to dynamically scale in any area of the country. 

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The Solution

After analyzing the client’s field service needs for their end customers, TechLink assembled an internal team of project managers and engineering staff who specialize in camera installation and calibration, structured cabling, and electrical installation. The project managers then used TechLink’s SIMPL portal to source a national network of specialized technicians and electricians that could meet the client’s scaling requests. To roll out the work orders to the national network, TechLink leveraged its MOBI app, which sends work requests to technicians’ and electricians’ mobile phones. At any time, the client can monitor the progress of work orders through both the SIMPL and MOBI portals. 

In addition to providing an internal management team, a national installation network, and SIMPL/MOBI portals, TechLink now provides direct purchasing of ethernet cabling that meets all structured cabling use case requirements. This saves time and effort for both the client and technicians, as it provides direct access to the equipment needed for installations. 

The Results

Since partnering with Techlink, the client has seen an impressive 150% growth in their customer installation services. TechLink’s internal staff and professional network of technicians and electricians ensured the ease of scaling based on client sales in any part of the country. Plus, the ability to secure common installation cabling through TechLink’s branch of equipment sales provided quality parts delivered rapidly to the network of technicians. 

“One of the things we have appreciated most about Techlink, in addition to the breadth of their reach across the country, has been their commitment to grow and learn with us. They have been open to trying new processes and committed to problem solving with the shared goal of seeing both our businesses grow. We are cognizant that we’re tackling the challenge of providing installation services nationally in a unique way and are deeply appreciative of Techlink’s commitment to work in partnership with us.”

– Chief Operating Officer

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