Scaling Installs with TechLink: From Pilot Sites to Entire Construction Projects

Case Study - Solutions Provider


A prominent solutions provider of IT products and integration services, the client offers a comprehensive product line from approximately 3,000 vendors, delivering mission-critical hardware, software, and cloud solutions across the United States.


CLIENT: National Solutions Provider

REQUEST: Undertake a pilot program to determine a partnership.

SOLUTION: Expertly managed pilot program to win client’s business. 

RESULTS: Gained trust to manage technology installations for entire construction projects.

Project Request

In pursuit of a robust and reliable installation partner, the client initiated a comparison pilot program among select installation companies to determine the most suitable collaborator for nationwide technology deployments.

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The Solution

TechLink responded with its seasoned Enterprise project management team, leveraging sophisticated project management portals and a national network of professional installers. The team’s aim was to execute the client’s pilot program work orders effectively, thereby securing the client’s confidence and future business.

The Results

TechLink’s prompt action impressed the client, resulting in all work orders from the comparison program being awarded to the company. TechLink’s technicians adeptly completed installations of conduit cables, terminations, and site upgrades, with each site taking an impressively short span of one to two weeks to complete.
Subsequent to the pilot’s success, the client requested TechLink’s assistance in designing NEMA box setups, including installation guides for various hardware components. Over the course of a few days, TechLink’s team meticulously advised on equipment selection and the internal configuration of the boxes, ensuring optimal functionality and waterproof integrity.
In expanding their partnership with TechLink, the client leveraged the company’s proficiency for a series of new construction projects, entrusting them with the comprehensive installation of diverse technology systems. TechLink’s involvement commenced during the early construction phases, encompassing a wide array of tasks from sophisticated security camera systems and network cabling to the intricate setup of access control systems with advanced security features. Their adept project management facilitated seamless integration of these technologies into the building’s infrastructure, enhancing the overall design and functionality.
TechLink’s expertise in managing large-scale, multifaceted projects was on full display as they coordinated the diverse technological elements, ensuring high standards, adherence to timelines, and safety protocols in dynamic construction environments. Their adaptability and collaborative approach with other construction professionals underscored their capability to deliver adaptive solutions, establishing TechLink as a strategic partner for modern construction installations.
This case highlights TechLink’s capability to manage both elements of a project — from single components to comprehensive installations in new constructions. TechLink has established itself as a provider of seamless services and dependable installations, empowering clients to achieve their goals and impress their customers with high-quality, efficient project outcomes.
“We began our collaboration with Techlink approximately one year ago, seeking a national professional installation partner to assist us and our clients in various areas such as cameras, access control, conduit, and more. Over the past year, their dedication and exceptional service have transformed Techlink into one of our primary vendors for these services. Their speed, reliability, and commitment to exceeding the standard level of customer service have truly set them apart.”

– SVP of Enterprise Sales

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