TechLink Installs Water Kiosks for Thirsty Customers

Case Study - Water Refill Station Provider


The client’s mission is to reduce the use of single-use water bottles by offering a contactless filtered water dispenser for refillable containers. Their eco-focused self-service kiosk was an instant hit with environmentally conscious businesses looking to offer their clientele a safe and delicious way to stay hydrated.


CLIENT:  Water Refill Station Provider

REQUEST:  Scale up the national rollout of water stations.

SOLUTION:  Leverage TechLink’s turnkey installation services.

RESULTS:  The client can now quickly meet their national installation and servicing demands.


Due to the growing demand for the client’s unique product offering, their internal deployment team was being flooded with installation requests. They needed an installation partner that could scale quickly, represent them professionally, and manage the installation and servicing process so they could focus on other tasks at hand.

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TechLink’s turnkey solution of internal project managers, engineers, a national network of professional installers, and an easy-to-use project management portal helped the client scale their installations quickly.


The client can now focus on growing their business without worrying about the installation process. They know they can count on TechLink’s dedicated staff and the national network of highly skilled technicians to represent their company professionally at the installation location.

“We were looking for more than just an installation company to help us scale, we wanted a partner that treats our business as if it was their own. I believe we’ve found that with TechLink. Their attention to detail and willingness to learn our business is refreshing.”

– Chief Operating Officer

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