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Join TechLink's Channel Partner Program and expand your offerings.

TechLink’s Channel Partner Programs:

value added resellers

Solutions Partnership

Expand your consultation offerings or managed services with TechLink’s professional, nationwide network of managed and vetted technicians and internal project managers.


affiliate representative

Affiliate Representative

Field service thought leaders looking for a trustworthy and professional installation partner can bank on TechLink Services.


Why Choose TechLink for a Channel Partnership


Since 2008, Techlink has been providing installation and maintenance services to some of the nation’s top integrators and global brands.


TechLink takes the time and expense to vet every project manager, technician, and electrician to find out what they’re qualified to manage, install, and service.


TechLink’s management portal, experienced project managers, and their nationwide network of professional techs make scaling projects a snap.

White Label Service

Our internal teams, platform, and installation network can work under your company brand so the end customer only sees your company as the provider.


TechLink’s network of professional installers reaches across the United States and Canada with various localized technicians and electricians.


By working to standardize projects, TechLink can filter techs and vet accordingly, which helps to reduce operational efforts and costs.


TechLink offers easy-to-use desktop and mobile management tools that keep clients, project managers, and technicians informed about the scope of work, deliverables, time frames, and status of work completed.


TechLink is always reviewing processes and looking for advancements in the industry that increase efficiency and decrease time on site, which saves the vendor time and expenses.


TechLink will craft a channel partnership that not only expands your offerings but also increases your bottom line. Contact TechLink today to get started.

channel partner get started

Ready to get started?

Whether you’re a well-seasoned technology consultant, an expanding managed service provider, or a well-respected thought leader, everyone can benefit from fostering new relationships. TechLink Services is dedicated to helping its partners expand their offerings, reputation, and reach through hard work, professionalism, and experience.

If you’re interested in finding out how TechLink can help you expand your offering and your bottom line, please fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch soon. 

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