When mounting digital signage, it’s important to think about the security and stability of the display. To make sure your digital sign stays in place, it’s crucial to use approved anchoring and mounting solutions that will keep the sign firmly attached to the wall.

One popular option is the Wood Anchor, which is specifically designed to be used with wood studs or plywood as the backing. The hardware used for this is a 5/16” X 3” lag screw with a flat-cut washer. Just keep in mind that this anchor shouldn’t be used for articulating or full-motion mounts on drywall.

Another option is the Drywall / Metal Stud / Hollow Block Anchor, which is designed to be used with drywall, sheet metal studs, or hollow cement block as the backing. This anchor uses a ¼-20 Snap toggle, but it’s important to note that it shouldn’t be used on drywall for articulating or full-motion mounts.

If your wall is made of solid concrete or brick, the Solid Concrete / Brick Anchor is the best option. This anchor uses a 3/8” Wedge anchor and is only suitable for solid concrete, not hollow block walls.

For a flat tilt wall mount, it’s best to anchor into at least one stud. If you can’t find two studs to align with, you can use Snap toggles in addition to the studs. Aiming for a solid structure behind the drywall is always the best practice.

When it comes to video walls and full-motion mounts, a metal or wood stud, Unistrut, or a plywood backer must be present to prevent the display from falling off the wall. A 5/8” piece of plywood must be cut and anchored to the studs. This may involve painting the wood black or the same color as the wall. Anchoring directly to drywall is not allowed.

The Unistrut Mount uses a metal channel, called a Unistrut, to secure and support digital signage displays. The Unistrut is anchored to the building structure, typically to studs, to ensure a sturdy and stable mounting solution. This mount is suitable for a variety of applications, including video walls, pole displays, and heavy-duty installations. It’s important to remember that only anchoring the Unistrut to the building structure is approved, not directly to drywall.

For pole mounts, it’s crucial to anchor to the building structure only, not to existing Unistrut used for other trades like air handling or electrical. Metal beams, wood studs, or Unistrut must be installed for anchoring. Approved anchoring systems include wood lags, beam clamps, and all-thread concrete anchors. When anchoring into concrete, avoid drilling into a post-tension slab. For pole mounts, it’s best to install two trapezes and connect them to create an “H” frame for added rigidity and more travel flexibility for the ceiling plate adapter.

In conclusion, using approved anchoring solutions is crucial for the safety and stability of your digital signage displays. By following these guidelines, you can ensure your digital signs stay securely in place.

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