Recruiting Sourcer

We are looking to hire someone to be an integral part of our I.T. and Engineering recruitment team who are responsible for building and maintaining relationships with professionals appropriate to our client’s technological needs. Often, we hire from outside our industry. but we’ll certainly consider you if you have some experience in the IT Services and Engineering Staffing and Solutions business. As a Sourcer you will:

  • Build a professional network of contacts and leverage those relationships through ongoing communication and commitment.
  • Develop and maintain a good working knowledge of the technologies we work within.
  • Source networks and online platforms and follow an action plan to get targeted Companies, Technicians, and Installers to engage with you.
  • Work closely with Companies, Technicians, Installers, and Project Managers to build a compelling marketing plan for identified Companies, Technicians, and Installers. This will include internal communications, online marketing, and other strategies.
  • Converse with Technicians to understand their Company objectives and motivations with appropriate opportunities to guide them through the process to onboard the portal.

We want someone who can invest themselves in our mission and care about the work they do and the people they impact. Which leads to this….

Integrity, compassion, and a selfless attitude.

Develop a strong relationship that includes integrity, compassion, and a willingness to give something away. Your ability to get Technicians and Installers engaged and cultivate relationships will be a key component to TLS & CWP’s success.

Organizational skills

This job has a tremendous number of ‘moving parts’. We have great tools to help you.

Multi-Tasking Abilities

You will be dealing with multiple priorities from one hour to the next. You’ll need to be able to think on your feet and turn on a dime which leads to this….

Oriented to Performance

We are not a “smile and dial” Company expecting you to make 50 calls a day but you’re going to be doing research, making calls, sending emails, and a bunch of other things every single day. This does not mean we expect you to work 55 hours a week (we won’t,) it means you must care about how your work impacts the rest of the team and our Project Manager and Clients.

Handling frustration with a smile

Recruiting is very rewarding, but it is also frustrating. You’ll experience highs and lows – sometimes on the same day. An ability to control what you can and recognize what you can’t while learning and growing will help build your success in this job.

You Communication Skills

Communication skills are CRITICAL to success at TLS & CWP. We need people that can think creatively and make a compelling pitch to get highly sought-after I.T. and engineering professionals to engage.


  • 3-5 years of recruiting experience.
  • Strong written and verbal skills with attention to detail
  • Effective time-management abilities
  • Ability to positively present our company to potential Companies, Technicians, and Installers
  • Source Companies, Technicians, and Installers conduct detailed phone screens and interviews.
  • Drive recruiting activities including, but not limited to, sourcing Companies, Technicians, and Installers, interviews, and evaluating fit.  Interact with potential Companies, Technicians, and Installers on social media and professional networks (e.g. LinkedIn, Indeed, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Ability to meet established recruiting metrics and performance requirements.
  • Maintain candidate tracking and status in the applicant tracking process.
  • Schedule interviews with Recruiters
  • Ability to understand a variety of skill sets and recruit for them simultaneously.
  • Work closely with Recruiting team to source new applicants and ensure follow-up with Companies, Technicians, and Installers
  • Manage a consistent, high-volume flow of qualified Companies, Technicians, and Installers through active and passive sourcing methods.
  • Propose and implement ongoing innovations and improvements to the recruitment process.
  • Handle background checks and pre-hire paperwork where applicable.

Sourcing and actively recruiting passive Companies, Technicians, and Installers within the IT industry, engineering, technical, digital signage, and audio/ visual systems to evaluate and review potential prospects utilizing cold calls, job boards, social networking, internal database, etc. Maintain and document activity and progress in the portal.   Interview prospective Companies, Technicians, and Installers via phone to assess skill sets, work history, and develop and maintain a strong pipeline of qualified talent to submit to Recruiters.

Ensure all prospects have met requirements to ensure that they will exceed the project manager and client.

Generate leads and market intelligence to enhance our new development efforts Maintain relationships with Companies, Technicians, and Installers to gain industry knowledge and obtain referrals for new technicians.


Job Category: Operations
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Remote

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