Nationwide Digital Signage Installation Services

Digital Signage Overview

When it comes to installing, servicing, or replacing digital signage, you can count on TechLink’s managed network of professional technicians. Since 2008, TechLink has been partnering with system integrators regarding nationwide rollouts of digital signage for a wide variety of industries. TechLink can install floor-mounted, wall-mounted, rail-mounted, stand-mounted, and ceiling-mounted digital signage, along with media players and any additional electrical requirements. When you need professional representation on the job site for a national digital signage rollout, you can count on TechLink to surpass your expectations.

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Digital Signage Installation Services Offered

LED Direct View Video Walls Installations

For installation of seamless, direct view LED displays for creating stunning, multi-cabinet indoor and outdoor marquees, you can count on TechLink’s nationwide network of digital signage technicians. They have experience with a variety of LED cabinets and wall mounts, multi-cabinet alignment, video controller installation, and off-board power supply installation.

Indoor/Outdoor Digital Menu Boards Installations

TechLink’s digital signage technicians have a wealth of installation experience with a wide variety of restaurant digital menu board systems. Whether you’re wanting LED-illuminated digital menu boards, hybrid menu displays, or exterior digital menu boards, TechLink can survey and manage the installation which includes the project’s mounting, cabling, network connection, media player, and electrical requirements.

Free-Standing Digital Signage Installations

We can help roll out your customer’s digital advertising just where they want it by installing stand-alone digital displays. Our technicians will ensure that safety is the top priority when installing floor-standing digital signage by safeguarding its power cabling. For a seamless look and a more permanent solution to powering the free-standing digital display, our national network of electricians can install subfloor wiring, where feasible.

Digital Wayfinding Signage Installations

We’re here to help you install digital directional signage so that your visitors know exactly where they need to go, whether they are in an office building, airport, restaurant, mall, school, or tourist attraction. Need directional digital signage that you can update remotely with new directions or location information? Our managed national network of technicians and electricians can help install and deliver wayfinding digital signage right where you need it.

Interactive Digital Signage Installations

TechLink has the experience of installing a wide range of interactive digital signage solutions. From touch to gesture, to augmented reality, TechLink can help you deliver a unique end-user experience wherever you desire. Our team and national network of professional techs and electricians are standing by to make your interactive digital signage projects a reality.

Ceiling Mounted Digital Signage Installations

Whether you need one, two, or three digital displays installed on ceiling mounts at multiple sites, our national network of technicians and electricians, internal project managers, and engineering staff will ensure that the work gets done properly and triple-check the long-term safety of the installation.

Digital Shelf Signage Installations

From networked digitally controlled price tags to mini digital displays, TechLink can help install and deliver shelf label digital advertising signage at product level accuracy.

Industries Served

Mortgage Display Boards, Stock Tickers, Advertising, and Promotional Displays.

Employee Communication, Wayfinding Signs, Directories, and Breakroom Signage.

Bulletin Boards, Digital Menu Boards, Wayfinding & Alerts.

Advertising, Digital Menu Boards, Wayfinding & Promotional Displays.

Courtroom Solutions, Employee Communications, and Alerts.

Emergency Messaging, Waiting Room Signage, and Wayfinding.

Guest Information, Event Listings, Lobby Signage, & Transit Screens.

Analytics, Production Displays, Metrics Boards, and Bulletin Screens.

Digital Menu Boards, Promotions, Dynamic Price Boards, Advertising.

Advertising, Welcome Signage, Wayfinding, Video Walls

Advertising, Digital Menu Boards, Promotional Displays, Wayfinding

Worship Venues
Events Displays, Sermon Broadcasting, and Community Boards.

Advertising, Digital Menu Boards, Wayfinding and Promotional Displays.

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