Smart Locker Installation Services for USA and Canada

Smart Locker Overview

When it comes to installing smart lockers, you need a partner who understands the intricacies of both technology and business operations. That’s where TechLink Services shines as your go-to solution. With years of experience in managed installations of various IT hardware, we bring unparalleled expertise to smart locker installations.

Why TechLink Services is Your Best Choice:

Nationwide Coverage
Our vast network of highly skilled technicians ensures that no location is too remote for a TechLink installation.

Expertise & Excellence
With a rich history of providing IT solutions, our experienced project managers and technicians handle every aspect of the installation meticulously.

Whether you’re looking to install smart lockers in one location or roll them out nationwide, TechLink is equipped to scale according to your needs.

Commitment to Quality
Our job doesn’t end with installation. TechLink’s support ensures optimal performance and longevity of your smart locker systems.

Unlock the future of operational efficiency and user satisfaction with TechLink Services, your premier partner for smart locker installations.

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Smart Locker Services

Parcel Lockers

These are designed to securely receive and store packages for individuals until they can collect them. They are widely used in multifamily residences and offices.

Employee Lockers

These smart lockers are for employees to store their personal belongings securely, and they often feature RFID, PIN, or smartphone access.

Retail Click-and-Collect Lockers

Used in retail environments, these allow customers to pick up their online purchases at a convenient location within the store.

Inventory Lockers

Used in industrial settings, these lockers control access to valuable inventory items and track who has taken or returned an item.

Asset Management Lockers

These are designed for businesses to securely store valuable equipment like laptops, tablets, and other tech gadgets.

Charging Lockers

These lockers come with built-in charging stations to securely charge devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Industries Served

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Data Centers
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Broadcasting
  • Technology
  • Government
  • Food & Beverage
  • Quick Serve Restaurants
  • C-Store’s
  • Hospitality
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