Nationwide Structured Cabling Installation Services

Structured Cabling Overview

When it comes to installing ethernet cable infrastructure for optimal transmission of voice, video, or data throughout site locations, you can count on TechLink’s network of professional IT technicians. They are highly skilled in installation, troubleshooting wiring problems, and ensuring their work is compatible with ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC standards.

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Nationwide Structured Cabling Installation Services Offered

Entrance Facilities Installations

We can help you connect your exterior cabling through exterior wall pass-throughs and make the connections to your intrabuilding cabling.

Work Area Installations

Our technicians can make the final connection needed from the wall outlet to the end-user device.

Telecommunication Rooms and Enclosures Installations

We are experienced in terminating backbone and horizontal cabling into a site’s environmentally controlled rooms or dedicated telecom areas. In addition, we can install patch panels and manage the connection of local cables.

Backbone Cabling Installations

When you need riser cabling for multi-floor site locations, TechLink can help you make the connections. Our technicians are experienced with horizontal cross-connect and intermediate cross-connection and cabling between an intermediate cross-connect and the main cross-connect.

Horizontal Cabling Installations

For single-floor cabling, our technicians can deliver the cable installation spanning from the telecommunication room or area to end-user wall outlets.

Structured Cabling Hardware Offered

TechLink now offers cabling sales for both clients and technicians for all types of cable installations. You can order cabling through your sales rep, project manager, or online at TechLink’s TechCenter.

Industries Served

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Data Centers
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Broadcasting
  • Technology
  • Government
  • Food & Beverage
  • Quick Serve Restaurants
  • C-Store’s
  • Hospitality
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