Nationwide Telecommunication Installation Services

Telecom Overview

TechLink Services provides managed telecommunication installation and repair services for various companies across the nation. Our skilled project managers and professional technicians ensure that installs and rollouts of specified telecommunications equipment are managed and configured properly at your site locations. This helps to minimize site revisits and ensure that the network is operating at optimal performance.

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A great example of TechLink’s capabilities can be seen in this case study where a national 5G provider was having issues transmitting reliable 5G signals within structures and shopping malls. Our internal engineers and network of technicians solved this by utilizing a specialized tool that in the end, saved install time, and labor while eliminating guesswork.

TechLink can also replace POTS lines with feature-rich VoIP solutions or cellular networks, bringing your multisite locations into the digital age. Overall, the telecom installation services provided by TechLink can help your company implement, manage, and maintain the reliability and performance of your telecom solutions at all your national site locations.



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Telecom Installation Services Offered


  • POTS Replacements
  • VoIP Systems
  • Base Stations
  • Switching Equipment
  • Routers and Gateways
  • Transmission Equipment
  • Antennas

  • Cellular Networks

  • Servers and Data Storage

  • Power Backup Solutions

  • Cabling and Fiber Optics

“One of the things we have appreciated most about Techlink, in addition to the breadth of their reach across the country, has been their commitment to grow and learn with us. They have been open to trying new processes and committed to problem solving with the shared goal of seeing both our businesses grow. We are cognizant that we’re tackling the challenge of providing installation services nationally in a unique way and are deeply appreciative of Techlink’s commitment to work in partnership with us.”

– Chief Operating Officer, Security Equipment Provider

TechLink Installation Services – Nationwide Coverage

With more than 10 years of experience, TechLink offers comprehensive installation services delivered by a network of over 5,000 expert technicians, 500+ certified electricians, and highly experienced project managers. Together they successfully deploy digital signage, menu boards, traffic counters, kiosks, drive-thru systems, VoIP, wireless networks, SD-WAN, and much more for clients of all sizes.

Improve Customer Experiences

The sky’s the limit for your next commercial-grade network, audio/visual, or multimedia deployment. Whether you need a standard menu installation or an interactive kiosk to ‘wow’ retail customers, we can help.

Better Manage Costs

Control costs and improve profitability without the additional costs of hiring additional staff and training technicians. Our nationwide network of technicians are trained and certified by TechLink to ensure you get top-notch talent.

Increase Efficiencies

Focus on your core business priorities by outsourcing critical deployment, installation, and management of technical projects. No matter how complex, our team of experts can get your project deployed quickly.

Reduce Risk

Don’t run the risk of missing a critical installation deadline. With TechLink’s extensive experience and highly-skilled team of installers, we’ll help you meet your installation deadline and exceed customer expectations at every turn.

TechLink Project Management Services – Detail Focused

When you put your trust in TechLink, you get a detailed, highly-effective project plan that covers every aspect of your IT project.

Our dedicated team of project managers understands all of the complexities involved with technical multimedia, digital media deployments, and complex networking projects. Whether you need help with a national rollout or limited-time engagement for an individual installation, TechLink’s project managers manage all the time-sensitive, critical details and coordination involved. They’ll also keep you updated on the project’s progress with regular reporting and communication and be available to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Our project management team provides a range of services, including:

Scope of Work Development

Determine the necessary equipment and support required.

Site Surveys

Identify site requirements and details prior to starting your project.

Solution Design

Develop a comprehensive design and installation plan to ensure success.

Project Plan Scheduling

Coordinate entire project with technicians and client via SIMPL and MOBI.

Logistics Coordination

Get the right equipment, people, and products where they need to be.

Maintenance Planning

Oversee ongoing maintenance to keep your solutions performing properly.

TechLink Maintenance Services – Gain Peace of Mind

Don’t trust the maintenance of mission-critical solutions to just anyone. TechLink’s got you covered.

We know that hardware and software can fail at the most inconvenient time. Our maintenance contracts are designed to make sure that when technology lets you down, our team is there to get you back up and running quickly.

Ongoing Maintenance Contracts

Keep all hardware and software up-to-date with continued maintenance and software upgrades.

Emergency Repair Service

Enjoy fast, dependable emergency repair services for installed solutions in the event of an unexpected issue or malfunction.

Experienced Repair Professionals

Leverage our experienced repair team with access to the right equipment and tools to get your solution fixed in a snap.

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